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refer to our size list !!!!!

This is very important !!!

We don't have the half yards, please order the right size.

Please note that we list all shoe sizes in

United States

sizes. Please order the US size equivalent that you want.



Please measure your heel to toe length and choose curate size according to the foot measurements.

Size Chart:

Size 35, Foot Length: 22.5cm Size 36, Foot Length: 23.0cm Size 37, Foot Length: 23.5cm Size 38, Foot Length: 24.0cm Size 39, Foot Length: 24.5cm Size 40, Foot Length: 25.0cm Size 41, Foot Length: 25.5cm Size 42, Foot Length: 26.0cm Size 43, Foot Length: 26.5Cm Size 44, Foot Length: 27.0cm

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